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Delivering the reliable logistical support demanded by world-leading cruise lines, ferry operators and shipping companies, Cavendish Ships Stores has an unrivalled reputation for service excellence.

Sourcing the high quality food, bonded goods, consumables and other essential items for every voyage, often under intense time pressure, Cavendish Ships Stores supplies in excess of 2,000 product lines and has the expertise, contacts and commercial strength to deliver at the right price, on time, every time including the special touches that distinguish the most prestigious cruise lines.
Based on the south coast of England, near the UKs busiest cruise and ferry ports, Cavendish is ideally placed to respond rapidly to customer needs, a capability which extends to include the whole of the UK and beyond.
Cavendish depots have duty-free bond facilities, are CMI accredited to the highest standard, and are fully compliant with HACCP and ISPS procedures.
Complementing the direct supply of ships stores, Cavendish has considerable expertise in global customs regulations together with the import/export of duty free goods.
Cavendish credentials include membership of both the British Association of Ships Suppliers and the International Ships Suppliers Association. Cavendish has over 30 years in-depth experience in supporting the leading names in cruising, ferry operations and duty free wholesale.

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